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4 Channel audio and video real-time

Подробна информация:
4 Channel audio and video real-time
H.264 Compression
4 channel PTZ control;
Support VGA output;
Support CIF and HD1
support 1 SATA HDD more than 300 GB
optimized four channel simultaneously playback,
support mouse control
support control the device remotely via IE browser or client software
Support 4 channel CIF real-time compression (with audio), 4 channel CIF network
4 alarm input, 1 alarm output
Support 1 RS485 and 1 RS232
Support USB, network firmware upgrade
transmission, and 1 channel CIF decompression (with audio) simultaneously;
Support 3G mobile
With internet function
Support ICMS software
OSD: Graphic menu
Two USB interface, USB2.0 for data backup, USB1.1 for mouse operation.
Weight:3 KG

25 кг. Прахов

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